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Week May, 23 2016 – June, 05 2016

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How to drink vodka right way?

Vodka – a unique drink, which is not similar to any other. Established a long time ago, it quickly became the Russian national drink. Neglecting, for some time existed to this drink in some segments of the population, it has long been replaced respect to real quality Russian vodka. Of all hard liquor vodka is the cleanest and safest for the body. Of course, if you know how to drink it.

What is the problem?

If vodka is used by man regularly and in small quantities, then consume it person already has an algorithm of actions, which makes the drink a pleasant addition to the daily life. Difficulties arise when a large amount of vodka is used in a relatively small amount of time, such as during the evening. The most difficult control process of intoxication is for people who believe that they know how to drink vodka. The consequences did not take long in coming. Meanwhile, in preparation for the event with the consumption of alcohol should only comply with certain rules, and the evening will be fun and active, and the next morning – really good.

Preparing for the event

If you plan to drink more than 100 grams of vodka for the evening, it is recommended to protect yourself and try to prevent severe intoxication and all the ensuing negative consequences. What do we recommend?

– On the eve should sleep well. If you can not relax enough during the night, you can lie down during the day. Well-rested body is better able to resist the harmful effects of alcohol, more precisely regulates the organs and body systems, aimed at detoxification.

– During the day you need to eat well, preferring not heavy food, with plenty of food plant fibers, without the excess protein, so as not to create waste in the gut, which will prevent the removal from the body of excess alcohol consumed in the evening.

– About an hour before the beginning of the consumption of alcohol should take activated charcoal. The dose per one intake depends on the weight of people: 10 kg weight per 1 tablet is used. The drug is washed down with plenty of water or dissolved in it milled tablets and drink a suspension.

– 20 minutes before the feast, or with its beginning recommended to eat a slice of bacon, bread and butter, or just drink a spoonful of vegetable oil. Fat prevents rapid absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream through the walls of blood vessels, stretch the process over time and a sharp intoxication does not occur. On spoiled the figure in this case do not worry: alcohol breaks down fat well enough. It will go to the energy supply of the organism in the course of the evening, and not postponed to the reserve in body tissues.

Drink in the joy

People are going to the company as a rule not only with the aim to have a drink of vodka, and especially not to set a record in it consumption. The aim of any feast are communication, pleasant meeting with nice, interesting people, relatives, etc. Vodka in this case, only attribute, complement, a component of the feast. In order not to spoil the chat at the table and did not miss it a significant part, should adhere to certain rules.

– At the beginning of the meal, after 20 – 30 minutes after an invitation to the table, pharmacists recommend taking a pill of Mezym or other enzyme products, which increase the processing capacity of the stomach.

– Traditionally, vodka is poured into the bowl of a small volume. Glass for it (in Russian “stopka”) contains not more than 50 mg (1.7 ounce). Note: this figure is the maximum volume of the container, not the middle portion of vodka! Drink fills stopka by 2/3. It is expected that a portion of vodka – is 1 (one!) sip. Therefore, speech does not go about 50 grams, it’s a quarter  of cup. Talk about “pour to the brim,” and “drink to the bottom” thing of the past, it is folklore. Everyone drank as much as wished, but the recommended portion – is one sip. Typically, and is happened by pouring in a bowl right size.

– During the consumption of alcohol is necessary to spend time in the company actively – to dance, walk, sing loudly. It helps to activate the metabolism and excretion of excess alcohol from the body.

– But smoking would be good at this point to cut, but it is likely unattainable – the number of cigarettes smoked, as a rule, increases in direct proportion to the amount of consumed alcohol.


Frequency of pouring and drinking depends on the company, but snacks should not be neglected.

– The most correct are sharp and salty dishes. Alcohol dehydrates the body, as since its use it is output 4 times more liquid from body. Salt contained in snacks, reduces moisture loss. In addition, salty foods go well with the bitter taste of vodka. These snacks are pickled mushrooms and sauerkraut that are consumed with onion and vegetable oil.

– All kinds of salads with fatty dressings suitable for to accompany the vodka.

– Suitable as appetizers smoked products as well as food in jelly and gelatin. You can have a snack of fried meat and fish with vegetables.

– Good to eat after drinking glass of vodka lemon wedge.

This is interesting: snack of Russian Tsar Nicholas I (1825-1855), called in his honor “Nikolaevka”, deserves attention: half a slice of lemon with peel sprinkled with finely milled natural coffee and consume after the first glass as a snack. Acidic foods and caffeine is very good tone and prevent intoxication.

– You can accompany alcohol with drinking soft drinks. Preference is given to natural fruit or berry morses (or juices) sweet-sour taste. Strongly don’t recommended to drink carbonated drinks!

– It is very harmful to the liver and body as a whole mix or change the type of alcohol. Usually this causes a rapid intoxication, and the next morning – a heavy hangover ensured.

– At the end of alcohol intake is recommended to drink freshly brewed tea with lemon. Tea can be anything – black, green, white – but the lemon to put into the cup we have recommend obligatorily. Drink consumed without sugar.

After the feast

To avoid trouble the next morning, before going to bed need to take the necessary measures:

– Again to use activated carbon in the recommended dose, drinking plenty of water (at least one cup);

– On the nightstand beside the bed to put a glass, preferably a decanter, of pure non-carbonated water, it is possible to drop a lemon or other citrus juice – drink need not limit yourself;

– Next to put an aspirin tablet – if there will be a headache, just take the medicine and try to pursue a dream;

– Breakfast in the morning, take a shower, walk – should be physical activity, but reasonable, it helps to eliminate residues of alcohol processing products.

Any communication with friends – a holiday among ordinary labor days. Knowing how to drink vodka, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Then the next meeting expected with joy of anticipation rather than apprehension.

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